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The Ethics Challenge In Public Service. A Problem-Solving Guide
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The Ethics Challenge In Public Service. A Problem-Solving Guide

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This thoroughly revised and updated third edition of The Ethics Challenge in Public Service is the classic ethics text used in public management programs nationwide

Adams, Harry S

Dupuy Endowed Professor, Louisiana State University

Harned, president, Ethics Resource Center «This book cuts through the rhetoric and the partisanship right to the heart of ethics in the public service; here is a smooth blend of how and why.» —Carole L

It is filled with a wealth of practical tools and strategies that public managers can use when making ethical choices in the ambiguous and pressured world of public service

Jurkiewicz, Woman’s Hospital Distinguished Professor of Healthcare Management, John W

The book also contains new material on topics such as social networking, the use of apology, ethics as applied to public policy, working with elected officials, and more

The book serves as a valuable resource for public managers who work in a world that presents numerous ethical challenges every day

Thoroughly updated to encompass the latest developments in the field, this new edition adds both a companion website and an instructor’s website, further enhancing its value for both students and faculty." —Guy B

Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri «If you want to know about ethical decision making in public service, this is the book to read.» —Patricia J

«The Ethics Challenge in Public Service, now in its third edition, continues to be simply indispensable for teaching public service ethics