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Electrochemical Science And Technology. Fundamentals And Applications
# 22525123

Electrochemical Science And Technology. Fundamentals And Applications

14 239 р.

Electrochemistry is a discipline of wide scientific and technological interest

Early chapters discuss the electrical and chemical properties of materials from which electrochemical cells are constructed

Electrochemical Science and Technology is addressed to all who have a need to come to grips with the fundamentals of electrochemistry and to learn about some of its applications

Features web links (through www.wiley.com/go/EST) to extensive material that is of a more tangential, specialized, or mathematical nature

Final chapters deal with voltammetry, the methodology used to investigate electrode behavior

Has a copious Appendix of relevant data.

Includes questions as footnotes to support the reader’s evolving comprehension of the material, with fully worked answers provided on the web

Interspersed among the more fundamental chapters are chapters devoted to applications of electrochemistry: electrosynthesis, power sources, «green electrochemistry», and corrosion

Is accessible to all with a foundation in physical science, not solely to chemists

Is addressed both to students and those later in their careers

It also serves as a source of material of interest to scientists and technologists in various fields throughout academia, industry, and government — chemists, physicists, engineers, environmentalists, materials scientists, biologists, and those in related endeavors

It will constitute a text for a senior undergraduate or graduate course in electrochemistry

Other realms in which electrochemical science plays a crucial role include corrosion, the disinfection of water, neurophysiology, sensors, energy storage, semiconductors, the physics of thunderstorms, biomedical analysis, and so on

Provides web access to Excel® spreadsheets which allow the reader to model electrochemical events

Scientifically, it explores the electrical properties of materials and especially the interfaces between different kinds of matter

Technologically, electrochemistry touches our lives in many ways that few fully appreciate; for example, materials as diverse as aluminum, nylon, and bleach are manufactured electrochemically, while the batteries that power all manner of appliances, vehicles, and devices are the products of electrochemical research

The behavior of such cells is addressed in later chapters, with emphasis on the electrodes and the reactions that occur on their surfaces

The role of transport to and from electrodes is a topic that commands attention, because it crucially determines cell efficiency

This book treats electrochemistry as a science in its own right, albeit resting firmly on foundations provided by chemistry, physics, and mathematics

This book: Provides a background to electrochemistry, as well as treating the topic itself